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"I am contacting you to let you know just how pleased I was with most all your technicians but one in particular by the name of Chris.   I had the pleasure of Chris coming to my home on two occasions to service two of my computers. On a personal level I found him very amicable in nature and easy to talk with.  On a professional level, he “knocked my socks off.” He was with me on the last occasion approximately 2 hours. I don’t think he wasted a second. He really knew what he was doing.  I tried to watch in an attempt to pick up some things but he worked so quickly and efficiently it was impossible to keep up as his fingers flew across the keyboard. When it looked like something would not work, he knew whatever workaround he needed to get the job done.  He is a credit to your organization and as a result of observing his competency I know where I will go whenever I need assistance with my computer. You did a wonderful job in finding the right people.  I am glad that I found a company in which I feel completely comfortable and would not hesitate to recommend your company to all of my associates.”

Larry S
“Our (former) computer person couldn’t get 3rd monitors connected to two of our computers. He blamed it on software, then hardware, then on our employees. He also couldn’t connect a scanner to the network.  Chris connected both monitors and connected the scanner to the network in less than an hour.  I called your company because you had previously work on my home computer and I was impressed.  Good job!!”   
W. U.
“I’d like to compliment one of your employees, Chris for the excellent service he provided us last week. I recommended your services to my boss. Chris was very informative and took the extra effort to make sure all our computers was operating correctly. Great customer service is to be commended to Chris. You can be sure that we will continue to do business with your company for years to come.” 
Brenda C
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